Temporary solution to ROG ALLY power failure

The main cause of power outage is Currently, the ROG Ally system limits the power supply of the sub-factory base to a maximum of 30W.

The power profile in Armory Crate SE has a built-in "overclocking" setting.

So when the system needs more power, it pushes the APU up to 53W, which usually happens when playing high-performance games.

As a temporary solution, please follow the steps below to modify the power settings.


2. Click "Settings" and select Operating mode .

3. Select "Manual" mode and adjust the power consumption of the three items in the figure below:

SPL: 30W, SPPT: 30W, FPPT: 30W

4. Click "Apply" to save the settings.

SPL : Standard power consumption upper limit

SPPT : can instantly increase the maximum power consumption limit for 2 minutes

FPPT : can instantly increase the maximum power limit for 10 seconds

*This is a temporary solution. If the original manufacturer lifts the restriction or has other solutions, it will be announced separately in the future.

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