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Do you have a physical sales store?

There are currently physical cooperative stores in Taichung, please click here for details.

What payment and shipping methods are available on the official website?

We provide credit card and supermarket cash on delivery services.

Please refer to the Shipping Policy for shipping charges.

How to obtain product invoice?

The electronic invoices issued by our company are all issued by Guangmao Electronic Invoice Value Added Center.

If you need to obtain an electronic invoice, please fill in your email address correctly.

After the order is shipped, we will send the electronic invoice issuance certificate to the email address you filled in. (May be assigned to spam)

If you need to open a unified editing request, please go to the checkout page and click on Fill in the company code 8 in the "Uniform Number" field.

If you forget to fill in the unified number, you can go to Guangmao Electronic Invoice Platform to fill in the unified number before the end of the month.

We do not provide paper invoices, if any If you need a paper invoice, please download and print it yourself.

If you do not receive the email, you can also manually check the order electronic invoice.

Please click on the Guangmao electronic invoice value-added center platform and enter relevant information to inquire and return it to your home.

My order is wrong and needs to be modified/cancelled?

Please click on the "Help" window in the lower right corner of the official website to contact us.

Is there something wrong with my order?

We are deeply sorry if the item you received is/is missing/wrong/damaged! Please send us your order number and the picture of the incorrect product you received via email or via live chat on the official website as soon as possible. Please note that all order issues must be reported within 7 days of receipt of the item. We will reply to you as soon as possible!

How long is the product warranty period?

They vary according to product type:

  • Various protective cases: 3 months
  • Various storage bags: 6 months
  • Various portable bases: 12 months
  • Bluetooth receiver and transmitter: 12 months
  • JoyGrip Rechargeable Grip Handle: 12 months
  • Power charger: 12 months
  • Other consumable products will be replaced within 5 days if they are defective.

◉ All warranty services only cover damage that occurs during normal use, and do not include damage caused by human factors such as drops and water leaks.

Damage caused by improper use is not covered by the warranty. For example, the grip protective case may become deformed if stored improperly when not in use.

◉ During the warranty period, all products will be replaced with new ones and will not be repaired.

◉ If the products are not purchased through authorized dealers, or if proof of purchase cannot be provided or there is no agency label on the product box, any warranty service is not applicable.

Can the product be repaired after it is out of warranty?

Products are subject to replacement within the warranty period, and electronic products are subject to post-warranty paid maintenance services. The cost starts from 350 yuan (actual depends on the condition of the product), please contact us .

Can you ship to overseas countries?

We currently provide shipping to Hong Kong .

If you need to purchase in other areas, please contact us.

I purchased a Skull & Co. product from another website. Can I get warranty service?

Sorry, we are unable to assist you with Skull & Co. merchandise purchased on other unauthorized websites. Please contact the website you purchased from.

Warranty service can only be enjoyed when purchased from our official website –, official Shopee stores and dealers listed on our website.

If the above information still cannot solve your problem, please contact us!

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