Meet Skull & Co.

Skull & Co. - For the gamers of today, tomorrow and tomorrow.

Skull & Co. was founded by a group of young people who loved video games.
There are designers, engineers and purchasing managers on the team, but most importantly, we are all gamers.
When we realize that most gaming accessories are designed by engineers rather than gamers,
That's when we decided to design our own product. Who better to design the perfect accessories than the players themselves?
Thus, Skull & Co. was born!
Our main goal is not only to create unique and inspiring accessories,
And make premium accessories affordable for gamers around the world.

One of the first companies to design ergonomic grips/protective cases for Nintendo Switch.
If you search for us online, you'll find that we launched a Kickstarter campaign " GripCase " in June 2017.
Supported by thousands of gamers around the world.
Shortly thereafter, we launched our second crowdfunding campaign - " Jumpgate " - a fully functional micro base that
It was also a huge success!
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