Update program tutorial

This software update function is only applicable to Core Drives with FV-16 and Pro versions, not the Lite version.

If an error message appears when you open the application after the installation is complete, please right-click the application icon -> open it with administrator rights.


Applicable to Windows 7 and later systems

How to install updates

1. Click to download the installer.

2. Double-click to start the installation process.

3. Select "I agree" and click "Next"

4. Select the installation location and click "Next" to install the program.

5. Select "Current User" or "All Users" and click Next.

6. Click "Next" and wait for the program to be installed (100%).

7. Click "Finish" to complete the installation.

8. Install the driver and click "Install".

9. Click "OK" to complete the installation process.

How to update firmware using the program

1. Use USB-A to USB-C or USB-C to USB-C cable

2. Connect the Core Drive to your computer via USB cable.

3. If the computer cannot recognize the Core Drive, please pull out the USB-C connector, flip it over, and then insert it into the Core Drive.

4. If you are not sure whether the Core Drive has been connected to the computer, you can check it by following the steps below. Go to My Computer->My Computer->right-click->select "Manage". (Make sure you are connected and can skip it)

Click "Device Manager". You will find "USB-SERIAL CH340" in "Port (COM&LPT)".

5. Click the program with the "Jumpgate" icon on the desktop.

6. Click "Check Device". If the Core Drive is connected to your computer,

You can read Core Drive information within seconds.

7. Select the firmware version you want to update, and then click "Update" to start updating the Core Drive's firmware (just select the version you need). *Whenever the computer is connected to the Internet, the program will automatically download the latest firmware.

8. When the firmware upgrade is completed, the program can be closed.


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