Limited Warranty Period and Terms

They vary according to product type:

  • Various protective cases: 3 months
  • Various storage bags: 6 months
  • Various portable bases: 12 months
  • Bluetooth receiver and transmitter: 12 months
  • JoyGrip Rechargeable Grip Handle: 12 months
  • Power charger: 12 months
  • Other consumable products will be replaced within 5 days if they are defective.

◉ All warranty services only cover damage that occurs during normal use, and do not include damage caused by human factors such as drops and water leaks.

◉Damage caused by improper use is not covered by the warranty. For example, if the grip protective case is stored improperly when not in use, it may cause deformation.

◉ During the warranty period, all products will be replaced with new ones and will not be repaired.

◉ If the products are not purchased through authorized dealers, or if proof of purchase cannot be provided or there is no agency label on the product box, any warranty service is not applicable.

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