Multifunctional Portable Base Manual and Firmware Update

Software version: 2.0 The latest firmware version: FV20

Under normal circumstances, manual update is not required. If you have any questions, please use the help window in the lower right corner to contact us.

Update program download and tutorial

Version update history


ROG Ally already supports activating 30W mode (requires original or third-party 65W or above power supply).


Solve the problem that some Android phones or tablets connected to USB 3.0 cannot read the hard drive or USB flash drive.

1. Some Android system devices may not be able to provide the operating current required by the mobile hard disk and cannot be read.

2. You need to turn on the OTG function of your device.


Enables Core Drive to output SWITCH TV mode using a 9V charger.

(Only available on new hardware with "FV-16" stamped on the Core Drive or "M20" stamped around USB-C).


Beta version. Please do not install this version.


Only available with new hardware that has "FV-16" printed on the side of the CORE DRIVE or "M20" printed around USB-C.

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