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Ultra-thin Bluetooth audio receiver and transmitter AudioStick: EVA limited edition

Ultra-thin Bluetooth audio receiver and transmitter AudioStick: EVA limited edition

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product description

🎮Main features:

・Suitable for PS5/PS4/Nintendo Switch(NS)/OLED type/PC/laptop

・Louder and clearer - Provides a better experience than the Switch's built-in Bluetooth.

・Bluetooth 5.0 specification, faster and more stable.

・Supports low-latency transmission APTX-LL.

・Two sets of Bluetooth headsets can be connected at the same time.

・The ultra-thin model is only 7mm thick and takes up no space.

・Applicable to most third-party protective cases*Bottom thickness <1.5mm*

・Compatible with most Bluetooth headsets on the market, optimized for AirPods and AirPods Pro.

・Comes with three spacers, AudioStick can fit tightly on Switch and Switch Lite regardless of whether there is a protective case or not.

・Perfect combination with our grip protective case GripcCase.

・Put it into our special storage bag without removing it from the main unit.



※ AudioStick Bluetooth uses Qualcomm chips. When the headphones support Aptx/AAC/SBC/LDAC, the best-optimized Aptx protocol will be used first.

※ Please note that according to user reports, the sound quality of LDAC will be locked at 16bit/48hz. If you want to use LDAC exclusively, it is not recommended to purchase it.

※ Please note that it is not suitable for wireless (2.4G) headsets, which must support Bluetooth connection.



・1x AudioStick ultra-thin Bluetooth audio receiver and transmitter

・1x USB-A (male) to USB-C (female) transmission cable

・1x SWITCH adapter spacer

・1x SWITCH Lite adapter spacer

・1x Flat Adapter Spacer


📌Product specifications:

・Body size: 50 x 14 x 15mm (excluding connector thickness 7mm)

・Weight: 5.5g

・Bluetooth: 5.0 / Transmission distance: 10 meters

・Power: 1W

・Support Bluetooth protocols: HFP, HSP, A2DP, AVRCP

・Support audio coding: SBC, AAC, APTX, APTX-LL, LDAC (only 16bit/48hz)

・NCC form certification: CCAH20LPA260T2

(Those who use it without authorization will be prosecuted according to law)


📌Warranty service:

※ Enjoy one-year warranty service.

(Excluding appearance loss, human factors such as falling, water intrusion, etc...).

※ Once it is determined that it is within the warranty period, it will be replaced with a brand new product.



ⓠIs AudioStick compatible with my Bluetooth headphones?

ⓐYes, AudioStick is compatible with all Bluetooth headphones.

ⓠCan I use AudioStick in SWITCH TV mode with PS4 or PS5?

ⓐOf course, a USB A to C transmission cable is included in the combination. So you can connect AudioStick with SWITCH dock or PS4/PS5 via USB-A interface.

ⓠDoes AudioStick support APPLE AAC and SONY LDAC?

ⓐYes, AudioStick supports AAC and LDAC. It is optimized for AAC and LDAC, so the minimum delay is 0.06-0.09 seconds (depending on the headset firmware).

ⓠCan AudioStick be connected to two sets of true Bluetooth headphones (such as Airpods) at the same time?

ⓐYes, AudioStick can connect two sets of true Bluetooth headsets at the same time.

(Note: If only one of the two sets of headphones connected at the same time supports Aptx, the output will be unified as SBC)

Example: (A headset - supports Aptx) + (B headset - does not support Aptx) = Output SBC.

ⓠDoes AudioStick have a voice chat function?

ⓐYes. However, some older games on PS4 and SWITCH only support voice chat through the 3.5mm headphone jack.

If you encounter this situation, you will need a 3.5mm microphone for voice chat.

ⓠWhen no headphones are connected, AudioStick will power off. what can I do?

ⓐPlease refer to the "Reconnecting" section in the instructions for use. You can wake it up by clicking one of the buttons. AudioStick has an auto-sleep function, so when it cannot detect any headphones for more than one minute, it will automatically sleep, so you don't need to worry about it searching for a headphone signal when not in use.

ⓆI cannot pair AudioStick with APPLE AIRPODS PRO (series). what should I do?

ⓐTo use AirPods with non-Apple devices, follow these steps:

1) Plug the AudioStick Bluetooth audio receiver into your game console and long press the A or B button to enter pairing mode.

2) Place AirPods into the charging box and open the cover.

3) Press and hold the settings button on the back of the charging case until you see the status light flash white.

Please follow the Chinese instructions on the AudioStick box for pairing.


🚫The appreciation period is not a trial period. If you need to return the product, please pay attention to keeping the product content intact and free of dirt.

#Returning goods without valid reasons and not picking up goods that cause a waste of resources will be blacklisted or rated with one star. Please respect yourself.

#Serious cases will be prosecuted in accordance with civil laws.

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