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Xbox Bluetooth headset audio receiver and transmitter AudioBox XB1/XSX/XSS/Elite

Xbox Bluetooth headset audio receiver and transmitter AudioBox XB1/XSX/XSS/Elite

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product description

─Enjoy 100% Bluetooth wireless gaming experience on Xbox─

main feature:

  • Supports high-fidelity low-latency encoding - ensuring audio synchronization and improving gaming performance.
  • Very high compatibility - works with all Bluetooth headphones, optimized for AirPods and AirPods Pro.
  • Stable connection - Uninterrupted playback with your favorite Bluetooth headphones.
  • Built-in microphone - supports independent voice chat without connecting a headset (same as PS5 controller).
  • Powered directly by the controller - uses less than 1W of battery power.
  • Housing and stand compatible - can be stored in the handlebar housing and displayed on the phantom stand without disassembly.
  • Applicable to handle controller XB1/XSX/XSS/Elite series.

※ If you want to use a Bluetooth headset on a computer, you need to use the original receiver or connect the handle to the computer in a wired manner.



※ Only suitable for Xbox controller with 3.5 mm headphone jack, so it is not compatible with the first generation Xbox controller.

※ Because it will affect the Bluetooth sound quality, this product cannot use the Bluetooth headset's own microphone. It can only use the built-in microphone of the receiver.

※ Please note that it is not suitable for wireless (2.4G) headsets, which must support Bluetooth connection.

※Due to current technical limitations, Bluetooth connection will inevitably have sound delays. It is not recommended to purchase if you play fast-paced games.


Product specifications:

Dimensions: 56.6x33x16.7mm

Weight: 12g

Bluetooth: 5.0 / Transmission distance: 10 meters

Power: 0.07W

Support Bluetooth protocols: HFP, HSP, A2DP, AVRCP

Support audio coding: SBC, AAC, APTX, APTX-LL, LDAC (only 16bit/48hz)

NCC certification number: CCAH22LP0830T2

(Unauthorized use will be investigated according to law)


Warranty service:

※ Enjoy one-year warranty service.

(Excluding appearance loss, human factors such as falling, water intrusion, etc...).

※ Once it is determined that it is within the warranty period, it will be replaced with a brand new product.


common problem:

ⓠDoes Audiobox support all Bluetooth headsets?

ⓐSupports Bluetooth headsets currently on the market, except for some older models of Bluetooth headsets.

ⓠWhat controllers can Audiobox be used on?

ⓐAll XBOX controllers are acceptable, except first generation controllers.

ⓠWill installing Audiobox damage the handle interface?

ⓐNo, when installing, please align the two interfaces and press them vertically until they cannot move.

ⓠAre the operations and pairing methods complicated?

ⓐIt’s very simple, just follow the included Chinese instructions. The pairing method is the same as that of ordinary Bluetooth headsets.

Just change the headset and receiver to pairing mode to complete the connection, and they will automatically connect next time you use them.

ⓠWill Audiobox automatically sleep when headphones are not connected?

ⓐIf Audiobox does not search for Bluetooth headphones within one minute, it will enter sleep mode. Just slide the switch to "PAIR" to wake it up.

ⓠCan Audiobox be used on computers?

ⓐIf the XBOX controller is used on a computer and you want to use our transmitter and receiver to connect to a Bluetooth headset and want the headset to output sound,

You must use the original transmitter and receiver or connect the handle to the computer in a wired manner.

ⓠThe connection is successful, but there is no sound from the headphones?

ⓐOpen the XBOX host audio settings page and adjust the green color of "Headset Chat Console" to the left. If the Headset Chat Console is grayed out and cannot be adjusted,

Please restart the console or reconnect the receiver and repeat the above steps.

ⓠWhy is there a current sound even though it is connected?

ⓐDue to the current technical bottleneck of Bluetooth, a weak current sound will be generated during the transcoding process of wired audio to Bluetooth audio.

This is unavoidable, but does not affect normal use and is almost unnoticeable.